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Protected by CopyScape - Do NOT Copy Code/Content from this site!!!Client Preparation Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you gather information you need about your project... You can print it out for yourself to help you keep track of important materials you'll need for the site, now and in the future.

Main Contact Full Name
Main Contact Phone
Main Contact E-mail Address
Company / Site Name
Company Address and Phone
Site URL(s)
If your site already exists, list your web site address(es);
for example:
Current Web Host
  I don't currently have an ISP/Host.
I need help transferring my site to a new host.
I need help with hosting technical aspects.
Current Web Host URL
Site FTP Address
List your host FTP address(es) - either by domain name or by IP address;
for example: or
Site FTP Username/Password
Have questions about security/privacy? Contact me...
Site Technical Contact Name,
Phone, and E-mail Address


Request Services

Project Rate Sheet
for rate quotes

New Site Design
Existing Site Redesign / Revision
Content Management System (CMS, WordPress, etc.)
Social Media Presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)
E-Commerce Components (Shopping Cart, etc.)
Flash Design/Development
Logo Design
Ad Banner Design
Other Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
Copywriting / Copy Editing
Testing / QA
Purpose for Site Creation/Revision
Primary Goals
What do you hope to accomplish by creating/revising your site?
Secondary Goals
What other benefits do you hope to gain in creating or revising your site?
Audience Selection
What key elements will drive a user/customer to choose your site instead of your competition?
Site Visibility
Do you need a marketing strategy to get your website better placed on major search engines?
Yes     No

Anticipated Number of Pages
Budget Estimate
Maintenance Schedule
I may need to retain services for maintenance.
Type of Audience

  do's and don'ts  
List Top Three Favorite Sites
What do you like about them?
What aspects would you like to see incorporated into your site?

Your comment(s):
List Top Three Competitor Sites
Reviewing your competitors' sites:
what works well? what doesn't?

Your comment(s):

Site Content
What content materials have you already gathered that are necessary (logos, photos, other imagery, and text) for placement on the site?
Logo     Photos/Imagery    
Text Content
Preliminary Layout
Color Scheme
Site Color Scheme
If colors have already been chosen for the scheme (existing print/marketing materials),
list HEX, RGB or CMYK color values here.

Target Deadline
 Acceptance of Terms By submitting this client preparation form, I affirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Agreement.
Other Questions/Issues

First,  for your records, and then  , or   to cancel.

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